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Engines : Are we not ungrateful to them?

5th of June, World Environment Day (WED). Naturally that would make the protagonist of our story  the villain. Engines, those which spit out tonnes of polluting gases by burning all the non renewable fossil fuels and thus taking the economies forward in the polluted world!

One of the biggest inventions of the 19th century, the world is where it is today, propelled largely by the smoke spitting internal combustion engines, be it your automobile engine, jet engine, diesel generator or any other prime mover.  While we have calendar days to celebrate all the possible “days“, we seem to have taken for granted the contribution that these poor machines have made towards mankind’s progress. Why? Because, they don’t create noises, unless we press them hard, or because we have a conflicting green day to celebrate?

Think of one day when all engines of the world getting their own brains (brains like  Albert Einstein’s + Karl Marx’s) and souls (?) too. United they decide to take a break for a day! Brilliance it will be, aircrafts falling down from sky, Ships floating clueless at high seas, Daredevils dropping down from mid air like apples on Newton’s head and what not. Space stations might survive.  No water, no power, no phone, defunct cities and forget the stock exchanges. Dude! No internet either. What? No facebook? Probably that makes it sound closer to apocalypse. Yeah! Pray engines don’t get a life of their own without we turning the keys, pressing the button or kicking the lever. As is human, we’ve taken them for granted. Hopefully Radiator Springs celebrates WED as World Engines’ Day. 😀

Will the number of engines made around the world after the IInd world war surpass the number of humans born ?

Though almost all in the civilised society is in one way or other, dependent on engines, awareness of what happens within the muscular metal blocks is still minimal. A basic understanding will definitely help save a few bucks from the mechanics who act up and scare the life out of you even if it’s carbon accumulated spark plug that’s in question. Check out this video showing assembly and operation of a Ford Duratec engine. Great video showing the myriads of parts that make up an engine and excellent animation of four stroke engine’s working.

Long live, mechanical marvels. I shall talk more about you later.